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New: AFI service

Seeing how often improperly-completed AFIs can frustrate attorneys like you, I’ve created an all-new service: I’ll help your divorcing-women clients complete their AFI, within one week of getting the supporting documents (bank and credit-card statements, etc.). And I’ll do it for them for a flat fee of just $495.

So they—and you—will have a good, solid AFI that opposing counsel can’t poke holes in, for a flat fee, in fast time.

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Confessions of an Expert Financial Witness

As a CPA, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professional who works with divorcing women and the attorneys who represent them, you might think I’ve spent a lot of time in the witness chair.

Confession: I haven’t. As you know, few divorce cases actually go to trial; even fewer of those require an expert witness like me to testify.

That said, I have had my share of expert-testimony moments… a “highlight reel,” if you will.

As you also know, the trial work often actually begins before the trial with an in-office deposition: what I like to call the opposing counsel’s “stress testing” of my experience, competence, character, methodology, and accuracy. This is where the opposing counsel has all the time in the world (or so it seems, to me!) to grill me and try and amass ammunition for the upcoming trial, to help sway the judge.

Case in point, quite literally: I worked on one in which the woman I represented was a wealthy professional, and the opposing counsel believed that about 90 percent of the assets were “community” and not “separate,” when, in fact, pretty much the opposite was true.

My job: Performing separate-property tracing for $3.2 million between 28 accounts over 12 years… and that was just some of the investment accounts.

I know my stuff. I can defend my methodology. More importantly, I can work with you to help communicate technical details in a way that a non-financial audience (the judge) can easily understand. Did each transaction in the accounts qualify as marital property, separate property, or some (specific!) combination of both?

I was able to help my client’s attorney to craft a compelling—and frankly, airtight—narrative about how our client came to the marriage with X dollars in assets, and how much was spent during the marriage, and thus how much was left… making the complicated, simple.

The best part? After a full day of relentless grilling in that pre-trial deposition at the opposing counsel’s office, that same attorney spent, oh, about five minutes asking me questions at trial. She was effectively telling the judge—and the world—“I got nothin.’”

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Settlement Satisfaction Guarantee

After years of consistently helping my clients to bring home more money from their settlements, I’ve realized that I can actually guarantee results. My new Settlement Satisfaction Guarantee package includes $6,500 worth of services for just $4,550. Best of all, I guarantee that I will improve your client’s settlement by at least $4,550, or I’ll refund my fees. Talk about a nothing-to-lose/everything-to-gain proposition!


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