Is retirement possible, post-divorce?

“What do you charge to handle my divorce?”

This is a fair and important question. What do I charge for my services to help you navigate the financial side of divorce? How much will it cost you to get a pro—I’m a CPA, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professional—on your side?

I’m going to tell you. Clearly. I’ll even give you an actual dollar amount!

First off: Your attorney won’t do that. They can’t. It doesn’t fit their business model; they’d go out of business if they tried to do that. Plus their hourly rate is higher than mine. And it’s not capped. The longer your divorce takes, the more your attorney will charge. That’s just the way things work.

For them.

Not for me.

De-stress test

Women facing divorce always have the exact same concerns when it comes to the prospect of bringing me aboard:

1) They don’t know how much I’ll cost.

2) They don’t know if my cost will be worth it.

In the public-relations realm, these are what are known as “softball questions.” In other words, these are issues that I don’t duck or avoid. To the contrary: I welcome these topics! It’s because I have ready answers that equate to really good news for you.

As I’d mentioned above, attorneys’ fees aren’t capped. They’ll keep going up, as long as the case is underway.

But I can, and do, cap my fees. So you’ll know what it’ll cost. That’s Question 1.

And here’s the killer: After years of consistently helping my clients to bring home more money from their settlements, I’ve realized that I can actually guarantee results.

“Guarantee.” That’s a word you’ll never hear from your attorney.

An all-in-one package

My capped-fee package is what I call the Settlement Satisfaction Guarantee. Wanna know what it costs? I’ll tell you: $4,550.

What’s it include? Up to 20 hours of my services, which I’ve determined is enough to take you through your divorce from start to finish. From filling out the dreaded-yet-essential AFI (that’s the official Affidavit of Financial Information) to entering data into my special software; presenting reports and recommendations for your attorney for things like the property settlement, spousal maintenance (alimony), and child support; and even being on-site on the day of mediation, it’s all there.

And again, there’s that word “Guarantee.” Here’s what it means: I guarantee that I will improve your settlement by at least $4,550, or I’ll refund my fees.

Talk about a “softball” when it comes to my answering Question 2. Will my cost be worth it? Absolutely! You’ll get back more than you pay me. Guaranteed. In the stressful world of divorce, this is likely the least-stressful decision you can ever make.

So now you know. I charge $4,550. I’ll get you at least that much back in your settlement. And the more there is to divide, the more I can help you.

Contact me today. Let’s get this process underway.