For Women Facing Divorce 

Let me help you build your financial bridge to the future

I understand your situation—firsthand. After years of building a life together with your spouse, you now find yourself in the difficult position of being on your own and needing to provide for yourself and perhaps children as well.

Not only that, you’re being inundated by impossible-to-answer questions. Will you retain the house? The business? What are the implications for child support? Taxes? Retirement? 

I can’t sugar-coat this: Every decision you make in the next few months will have a profound impact on your financial future. You only have one chance to do it right. 

Your attorneys are experts in the law. My expertise lies in my ability to analyze and scrutinize financial details, working with your attorney to make sure you get the best settlement for your situation—and a plan for the rest of your life. Right now, it may be difficult to envision a joyful life with financial security. With my help, it can be a reality.

For nearly a decade, Arizona women and their attorneys have worked with me and my team to craft creative plans to meet their unique needs—and to support them with the numbers.

Don’t try to tackle these financial issues without expert help. Contact me today for a complimentary initial consultation.

Bridge Divorce Strategies Testimonials

“Without her help I would have been lost and unable to successfully advocate for myself. Julie is both supportive and professional.”

“Finding Julie and hiring her as my financial planner, after my divorce, was one of the most helpful, important steps I took.”

“Julie Kern answered all of my tax questions, provided solid advice about investments, and helped me get back on track financially!”