Services I offer

Divorce is more than a change-of-life or a legal process. It’s also a very technical financial challenge. Fortunately, with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professional like me on your side, I can help you clear all of these intimidating hurdles:

Completing the AFI

You’ve likely seen it by now: the “Superior Court of Arizona Affidavit of Financial Information” or AFI. It’s the official 12-page document that you must complete—and it’s typically the first thing your attorney will give you (completely blank, of course). Its questions about your current financial situation are hard enough to answer, depending on you and your spouse’s situation. And its questions about the future—such as income, assets, child expenses, and health insurance—seem downright impossible. Let me help! For a flat fee of just $495, I’ll get it all done within just one week of getting the supporting documents (which I’ll help you find, don’t worry). So, your attorney will have a solid AFI that opposing counsel can’t poke holes in, quickly. Contact me to get started.

Arizona Child Support Calculation

What are your and your children’s financial needs? They’re ever-changing; children grow. And tax laws treat them differently at different ages, so you need to know exactly what you’re doing to plan the best possible future for them. I’m an expert at this. Let me help

Separate property tracing

This is a big one. It boils down to who-owned-what, and when. You’ll often need a financial “snapshot” of one specific date in time, such as when you first married, or when you separated. Tracking this down can be tricky: It requires special software and forensic skills to reconstruct what something was worth, at a given time, compared to what it’s worth now—or what it will yield in the future. The implications are big. Don’t face this alone.

QDRO calculation

QDRO stands for “Qualified Domestic Relations Order.” This is a Court order that is required if there is an employer retirement plan, such as a 401(k), that needs to be divided. I can help you—and your attorney—with the complex calculations needed to complete it.

Listing and valuation of all assets, liabilities, income and expenses

You can’t complete a divorce without a full and accurate picture of all the financial elements. This is inherently hard—but what if, say, your spouse is trying to hide assets or information? Let me scrutinize his AFI on your behalf. Let me pore through those bank statements, tax returns, pension statements… all of it. I can see when things “don’t look right,” and dig deeper, on your behalf.

Spousal maintenance agreement

How much will you be able to count on, each month, each year? Is it being calculated accurately? Fairly? What are the tax considerations? Put me and my team to work on this for you.

Tons more

This is a brief overview of just a few of the financial services I provide for women facing divorce. Yes, this is highly technical. And I’m highly qualified to tackle it. But I promise to make everything clear and simple for you: What you’ll get. What you can expect. Because the financial/technical side is my job, not yours.

Bridge Divorce Strategies Testimonials

“Without her help I would have been lost and unable to successfully advocate for myself. Julie is both supportive and professional.”

“Finding Julie and hiring her as my financial planner, after my divorce, was one of the most helpful, important steps I took.”

“Julie Kern answered all of my tax questions, provided solid advice about investments, and helped me get back on track financially!”