You have a lot of questions.

Don’t worry—I have the answers.

What do you charge for your services?

We know divorce can be a very expensive process. That’s why we’ve created several options, including fixed-fee packages or an hourly rate, to meet the needs of your unique situation. Contact our office for details

Will you be there during mediation?

Yes. Mediation is where the decisions are made; it’s the most critical point at which to have the correct financial information. I am happy to be by your side.

Will I be on my own after the divorce is finalized?

No. We offer post-divorce transition services to assist you in getting your assets transferred into your name. We also offer wealth-management services to make sure you have a plan for your long-term financial security. Our goal is to be there for you for the rest of your life.

How can you help me provide for my children?

Spousal maintenance (alimony) and child support are both critical parts of your settlement. While there are child-support guidelines in Arizona, there are also deviations from the child support guidelines that should be considered in order to protect your children’s lifestyle. We can help.

Can you help me plan for my retirement?

Absolutely! Our divorce financial services are just the first step in helping you to secure your financial future. We are also there to help you after the divorce is final by helping you to create a plan to support your long-term financial success.

Why would my attorney want to work with you?

Your attorney is a legal expert—not a tax or financial expert. The attorneys we work with understand that we add to their value and help them shine with their clients by obtaining a superior result. We work with your attorney in a supporting role to allow them to focus their time and energy on their area of expertise. Our role is to help them advise you by having the best information about the financial impact of the divorce.

Have you been divorced?

Yes. (You can read my whole story here.) And because I have been divorced, I understand firsthand many of the emotions and issues you are dealing with—AND I also know from my own experience and from working with my clients that there is a way for you to have a happy and secure future—even if you didn’t want the divorce.

I don’t understand financial statements or numbers. Can you just take all this off my plate for me?

Of course! This is where we are experts. And we know how to explain the numbers in a way that is understandable and not overwhelming.

Can you work remotely?

Yes. We can work remotely, in person, or by phone—whatever you prefer.

I don’t understand taxes. Can you prepare my tax returns going forward?

As a CPA, I believe that tax planning is critical to wealth management. As such, we include tax-preparation services at NO extra charge for our wealth-management clients at the Platinum, Gold, and Silver levels.

I don’t even know how much we have or where it all is. How do I figure this all out?

It is not unusual for husbands to be the primary handlers of taxes, investment strategies, and other items. We are experts at examining bank statements, investment records, tax returns, and credit reports to uncover any hidden or undisclosed assets.

Can you help me with budgeting?

Yes. Budgeting is a critical part of the divorce process—and even more important post-divorce. As part of our wealth-management services, we will work with you to create and follow a spending plan that will help you to achieve financial security.

What about Social Security benefits?

Social Security benefits is a complex area, with many special rules for divorced spouses. Fortunately, we’re experts at this. We will advise you on what strategy makes the most sense for your situation.

What if I believe my husband is hiding money?

We will use forensic accounting to uncover hidden accounts and transfers to outside accounts. We analyze the transactions on all of your financial account statements and business books to determine whether any funds have been redirected.

Will I get part of my husband’s pension? How much?

If the pension was earned during the marriage, you are entitled to your share. Pensions are a complicated asset in divorce. They can be split either as an asset with a lump-sum buyout (one big check) or a future income stream (e.g., smaller monthly checks for life). Both approaches have benefits and drawbacks. We will advise you based on your unique situation and help you make the best decision.

I’ve been a stay-at-home mom. How will I support myself after my divorce?

Many women choose (or need) to get back into the workforce after divorce, while others don’t. Some decide to go back to school first. This decision is based on a number of factors, including your unique financial situation, age, spousal maintenance, etc. We will work through these with you to find the best solution for you.

I really don’t want to get divorced. How do I get through this?

Divorce is one of the most emotionally difficult life experiences. I know firsthand. It is a grieving process, and everyone moves through it differently. We are here to help you in a gentle, caring way. And I promise that there is joy for you in the future!

My husband has stock options. Do you know how to handle those in a divorce?

Yes. Stock options can be very complicated and there are various ways to divide them in divorce. We will prepare the valuation and advise you regarding what you can expect to receive.

I need a financial plan. Can you help me with that?

Absolutely! Settling your divorce is just the first step toward your future financial security. Once that part is complete, we can work with you to help you transition assets into your name and create a lifetime plan for your finances that will give you peace of mind.

I am tempted to just agree to my husband’s proposal—even though it isn’t fair—just to get this over. Why should I try to negotiate?

Trust me. I understand how you are feeling right now. I’ve been there. But you only have one opportunity to do this right. It is worth it to work through the process so that you will be financially secure for the long term.

My husband has a business. How will I get my fair share of it?

Businesses are tricky since the owner has control over the books, his salary, and other “expenses” that may require further scrutiny. It is critical to examine the tax return and business financials to uncover any attempts to disguise or hide income or expenses. We will make sure your settlement includes your share of the business and that it is properly valued.

I will need to go back to school before I can go back to work. How will I support myself in the meantime?

Oftentimes, this is the case. Arizona is not the most alimony-friendly state, but “rehabilitative alimony” is frequently awarded to allow one spouse to prepare to re-enter the workforce. However, you must demonstrate your reasonable needs during those years. We will help you to build the strongest case possible for a settlement that will allow you the time and funds to complete your additional education.

Is Arizona a community-property state? What does that mean?

Yes. This means that each spouse has an undivided one-half interest in all income earned and property acquired during the marriage—unless acquired by inheritance or gift. It doesn’t matter how the property is titled. Sometimes, spouses enter into marriage with property that is maintained as separate property and other times separate property is commingled with community property. That can get complicated. Through separate property tracing, we can help you untangle any commingled assets to determine what share belongs to you.

I inherited some money. Will my husband get half of it?

Generally speaking, gifts and inheritances are separate property and not subject to being divided in a divorce. However, if the inheritance was commingled with community property assets, you may need to build a case for how much is your separate property and why. We can help with this.