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Here’s what women have to say

“At one of the worst and most confusing times in my life, Julie was able to help me make sense out of complicated stocks and retirement accounts, and help me create necessary budgets for future needs. Without her help I would have been lost and unable to successfully advocate for myself. Julie is both supportive and professional.”

“Finding Julie and hiring her as my financial planner, after my divorce, was one of the most helpful, important steps I took. I had been married for over 10 years and had always relied on my husband for all financial matters.”

Julie helped guide me on an overall investment strategy, which has given me clarity and has brought comfort navigating my future for myself and children.

From the moment I met Julie, I immediately felt comfortable and more confident stepping into this new area. I was worried I would feel judged for not knowing enough about the market or investments while being married, but it was just the opposite. She helped give me the confidence that I could do this on my own, with her expertise.

When getting a divorce, making the right choices for yourself, both from a legal and financial perspective, is critical. I had an excellent attorney but needed additional financial advice. A friend suggested I find a CPA with a CDFA Certification and that is how I discovered Bridge Divorce Strategies. I’m so glad I did! Julie Kern answered all of my tax questions, provided solid advice about investments, and helped me get back on track financially!

Julie has her own story along with a calming demeanor. She is available to answer questions. She communicates with the attorney in a professional and timely manner.

After the sudden demise of my marriage, I found myself in such emotional pain that it was taking its toll on me mentally and physically as well. I had chosen an attorney for the legal issues, but quickly realized I needed help for the financial issues. Julie helped me organize and submit data to the court in such a way that it could not be disputed. I have continued as a financial client of Julie’s, trusting in her as we went through a checklist of items to establish myself on my own and setting new financial goals with saving and investing.

During early 2016 I found myself in a very difficult, stressful & chaotic situation when I was unexpectedly asked for a divorce after 25 years of marriage.

As a stay-at-home parent for all of those years, I found myself ill-prepared to successfully navigate the process of a divorce settlement which would secure my long-term financial future. 

As with many long-term marriages there were several assets to be fairly and equitably assessed for division: including investments, residences, pension plans, and, of course, spousal maintenance as directed by the state in which I was living.

After engaging a highly-recommended female divorce attorney, she suggested that we might consider adding a ‘divorce financial strategist’ to our team to help us navigate the many financial as well as tax issues which are involved in reaching a divorce settlement agreement.

This is where Julie Kern entered the equation and it was most definitely the best decision I made during this difficult time.

She advised me on the best possible outcomes, the many tax implications that could arise with certain assets and generally provided me with a sense of well-being and comfort. I felt she had my back throughout the process and would do her very best to help secure the best possible result available for my financial future and security going forward with my life.

The best decision you will make in my opinion is to charge into your individual situation with a highly qualified and respected team of ladies who will guide you through this very scary difficult bump in the road and yes there is sunshine on the other side!

After my 15-year marriage ended, I found myself in a very long, drawn-out divorce. The final piece of my divorce was the division of retirement—once I had the chance to speak to Julie, I knew that she would help me through this stressful process while explaining every step along the way. I immediately felt very comfortable and at ease. Julie Kern and Bridge Divorce Strategies were true professionals and always answered my questions in a timely manner—I never felt out of the loop during the process and I cannot thank her and the Bridge Divorce Strategies team enough for all of their help during this difficult time.

Here’s what attorneys have to say

“I was fortunate enough to work with Julie on several of my family law divorce matters. Julie was insightful, dedicated, and a helpful addition to the litigation team. Julie helped clients navigate tax and financial planning issues so that I could focus my attention on the legal aspects of the case. Julie put together a comprehensive financial plan with clients for post-divorce planning and even attended mediation(s) to provide her expertise on the tax implications of specific settlement packages. I highly recommend Julie’s services.”

Kris Leonhardt

Fisher & Phillips LLP

“Julie is able to help my clients focus and plan so that I can get them the outcome that will benefit them the most in the long term. Divorce is such an emotional time. A financial professional, who is also knowledgeable in asset division, helps the client think clearly when making decisions.”

Jennifer Kupiszewski

Kile & Kupiszewski Law Firm, LLC

“Julie Kern and Bridge Divorce Strategies look out for their clients in so many ways. Chief among them is assuring that they have both a good financial plan and a good estate plan. Julie stays up to date and knowledgeable on the financial markets as well as the laws that affect how their clients’ plans work. She is passionate, thoughtful and caring in her approach to working with her clients, and it shows in the glowing reviews they give her when I have talked with them. I have known Julie for many years and can say I like her and respect her, and more than that I trust her to put her clients’ interests first and foremost.”

Libby Banks

The Law Office of Libby Banks, PLLC

“I’ve referred several clients to Julie Kern at Bridge Divorce Strategies to consult on the best strategy to resolve financial issues in their divorce with the goal of making sure they are going to be a in a good financial situation post-divorce. My clients have had nothing but great things to say about Julie and the help and peace of mind that she has provided. I’ll continue to use Julie in the future.”

Jason Pistiner, Esq.