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From the AFI to settlement, we provide a bucket of services for a fixed fee and a money-back guarantee.

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Let me help you build your case. And your practice.

One of my attorney clients told me, in a moment of candor, “When I went to law school, they promised me there wouldn’t be any math!” She was grateful to have a CPA who’s also Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professional like me on her side, and so should you.

High-net-worth women in Arizona have unique financial needs when it comes to divorce and planning their future lives. And seemingly-small details that can make your eyes glaze over—such as a single check-box on an I.R.S. form—leap out to me and my team as ways to help you avoid dangerous missteps and liability, while shining as the superstar lawyer your client wants you to be.

Talk about a win-win: Your clients win better settlements in the short-term, with a viable future plan for the long-term. And you get to grow your practice, while building your reputation and avoiding serious potential pitfalls.

Red Flag Review™ Offer

For a limited time, I’d like to offer you, absolutely free and with zero obligation, 30 minutes of my time and expertise in which I will look at the facts of your case and give it my professional sniff-test. If I find any red flags, as I often do, you can return to your client and say, “I ran this past my financial expert and she saw some issues we should address.” So you go from hero to super-hero, and your client can gain better negotiating leverage.  Then, if you and your client think you’d like to engage me for my services, we can talk further. Click the button below to book your Red-Flag Review™.

A quick call is a great way to start. Let’s say hello. No obligations.

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Bridge Divorce Strategies Testimonials

“I highly recommend Julie’s services.”

“Julie is able to help my clients focus and plan so that I can get them the outcome that will benefit them the most in the long term.”

“I have known Julie for many years and can say I like her and respect her, and more than that I trust her to put her clients’ interests first and foremost.”

“I’ve referred several clients to Julie Kern at Bridge Divorce Strategies… My clients have had nothing but great things to say…”