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How I became a team player (for you)

I help divorcing women. I help attorneys. How did I get into this? And how does this affect you?

Today, I’m a CPA, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professional. But ever since way back, I was a numbers nerd. And I kept seeing a story that unfortunately repeated:

I would meet divorced women and, talking to them, would realize, “If I had just met you a year ago, you would be in such a better position, financially, today.”

Don’t take offense. This wasn’t their attorneys’ fault, any more than it is yours. Your job is the law. My job is finance.

And so I got into this specialized practice of mine: Helping women in high-asset divorces with their financial lives. Which goes straight back to working with their attorneys.

This gets to the “team” part of it. I mentioned that I’m a numbers nerd. But I’m also, naturally, a team player. I enjoy helping attorneys with the big-picture strategy for their clients.

The word “strategy” is important here. Contrast it to mere “tactics,” as in “I need help with this decades-long separate property tracing where there are clearly substantial enough assets to justify the cost of bringing in an outside expert.” Sure, I help with arcane stuff like that all the time.

But the strategic part—the big picture—equates to starting early. As in, helping with the AFI. It’s the foundation for everything else, going forward. It’s basic, and as I’d noted above, inexpensive, too.

Which gets back to those post-divorce women I’d mentioned above. Sure, they may have gotten good legal settlements. But then, with my help, they could’ve avoided dubious decisions further down the line, such as cashing in a 401(k) to pay off the mortgage, or trying to keep a house they can’t afford.

I know your job is to get your client to an equitable settlement. But I also know some other things about your job. Like, you hate dealing with numbers. You want to move your case load forward without having to wait on your clients’ wrangling financial data. You’d love to get more referrals. And that as collegial as the law profession may be, you still enjoy winning.

Confession: So do I.

Let me help you. Starting with that very next client and her AFI. Contact me and let’s get started.