Is retirement possible, post-divorce?

Why would your attorney want to work with me?

This is a valid question, which is why it’s on my FAQs page for women facing divorce: “Why would my attorney want to work with you?”

Your attorney is an expert in divorce law. Why would they ever need help in a divorce case?

I can give you lots of reasons. In fact, I can give you 28 reasons. You’re free to look at them: they’re all of the FAQs I answer for attorneys on my website.

But the shortest answer is this:

Your attorney is an expert in the law. They’re not an expert in finances and taxes. I am.

Some very simple numbers

One-hundred percent of divorce cases are about finances. (And if there are no children involved, then 100 percent of the case itself is about finances.) And close to zero percent of lawyers are financial experts.

I’m not saying that to be disparaging. It’s a simple fact. When I work with you and your attorney, I play a part—a supporting part—of your team.

In other words, I help your attorney shine by giving them (and you) the expert financial information they need in order to craft the best possible settlement, spousal-maintenance agreement, and child support for you.

A very simple analogy

You wouldn’t hire a heart surgeon to repair a wristwatch. He or she could likely do it, but that’s not the best way to proceed.

Think of me as the watch-repair expert. Not only do I free up your attorney to do what he or she does best, but bringing me aboard is hugely more cost-efficient for you.

Think of it this way: If you don’t have me on your side, you’re effectively paying your attorney to do financial things they’re not an expert in. That’s bad enough. To make matters worse: Your attorney likely charges more than I do. So not only would you be paying your attorney to do things they’re not expert in, you’d be over-paying them, too.

I’m a CPA. A Certified Financial Planner™ professional. And a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®professional. Your attorney is none of those.

And I’m no lawyer. This is why we make an ideal team, together, for you.

Push the buttons

It’s one thing for me to tell you that “I can provide your attorney with the proper data and calculations to let them lobby in your best interest, whether in a courtroom or mediation session.”

It’s true, but it likely makes your eyes glaze over.

Let me humanize this for you.

A family-law career attracts certain personality types. I knew an attorney who told me: “When I went to law school, they promised me there wouldn’t be any math!”

Similarly, attorneys love doing what they’re good at. They love getting the best ammunition. They love having leverage. They love coming through for you.

I help them with all of that.

And it’s all in service of helping you walk away with the best possible settlement. And even when the lawyer’s job is through, I stay with you, helping you craft, and live, the financial future that’s right for you.

Contact me today for a confidential initial consultation. I look forward to helping you.