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I’ll help you invoice sooner

Oh. Have I got your attention?

I thought that that headline would do it.

Sure, it’s a bold claim. It’s also 100-percent true. Allow me to explain.

As a family-law attorney, you know how many of your cases get held up—delayed—before they even start, all due to one common and unavoidable issue:

The AFI.

You know it. It’s the first thing you hand to that new client of yours, with the exhortation to complete it promptly. And then she, promptly…

…does absolutely nothing.

Happens a lot, doesn’t it? Maddening, isn’t it?

But is it unavoidable?

Au contraire.

I’ll get to the “how” of that in a second. But first, let me tell you—as a CPA, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professional who also happens to be divorced—about the emotional underpinnings of this ubiquitous delay.

The AFI is a financial document. A woman who’s completely happy would find it intimidating.

But your clients are anything but happy. They’re stressed. They are not in the right head-space to tackle this. In fact, they often flat-out choose to avoid it, head-in-the-sand style.

Looking at, and thinking about, financial issues from when they were married, takes them right back into the marriage itself, along with all of its accompanying emotional baggage, whether they were blind-sided by the filing or were the filers themselves.

And while they’re out “playing ostrich,” you are stuck. The case can’t move forward. You can’t even invoice. And you certainly can’t get paid.

How do I do it?

Imagine, instead of waiting the typical one to three months for a completed AFI, if you could have one on your desk—perfectly completed and bulletproof against opposing counsel—in just a week.

Have you fallen out of your chair yet?

Introducing my latest offer: I’ll help your divorcing-women clients complete their AFI, within one week of getting the supporting documents (bank and credit-card statements, etc.). And I’ll do it for them for a flat fee of just $495.

You can’t offer your clients a flat fee. I can. Send them my way, and let’s un-clog your case pipeline.

Contact me today to get started!

Settlement Satisfaction Guarantee

After years of consistently helping my clients to bring home more money from their settlements, I’ve realized that I can actually guarantee results. My new Settlement Satisfaction Guarantee package includes $6,500 worth of services for just $4,550. Best of all, I guarantee that I will improve your client’s settlement by at least $4,550, or I’ll refund my fees. Talk about a nothing-to-lose/everything-to-gain proposition!

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