Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

How to Determine if a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® Professional is Right for You

Can a CDFA® Help You with Your Arizona Divorce Case? 

When preparing for a divorce in Arizona, there are a number of critical factors to consider that may not always have clear-cut answers on the surface. Financial topics such as child support, alimony, and asset valuation can become difficult to decipher while you are adjusting to a major change in your lifestyle. 

This is where a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA)® professional comes in. 

As a divorcee and CDFA® professional myself, I know the immense value and reassurance that professional financial advice can provide during such a stressful time in your life. If you are considering working with a CDFA,® professional here are 5 reasons that my services might be right for your case: 

5 Reasons You May Want to Work with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® Professional

1: You Suspect Your Spouse Might be Hiding Money 

In an attempt to avoid splitting assets or to reduce the amount of spousal maintenance or child support they are obligated to pay, a spouse may try to hide cash in places like business accounts or other holdings. Using advanced forensic accounting practices, a CDFA® professional can examine the full picture of the spouse’s finances to uncover hidden money that you rightfully deserve. 

2: You Are Anxious About Returning to Work and/or Retirement

Two major concerns that I have heard from many women are: “Will I need to take on a full-time job after my divorce?” and “How can I plan to eventually retire?” Some people also choose to return to school following a divorce to pursue a new career path. 

The amount of money or assets that you receive in your divorce settlement and how you plan to use them, could impact the answers to these types of questions. A CDFA® professional can assist you and your legal team in planning for these uncertainties and work with the court to ensure that you receive the necessary rehabilitative alimony or spousal maintenance to confidently re-enter the workforce. 

3: You Want Financial Expert Witness Testimony During Litigation, Mediation, or Arbitration

Are you worried that you will not receive an equitable settlement during negotiations? Whether you are pursuing litigation, mediation, or arbitration, having a divorce-informed financial advisor as an expert witness can provide credible support to your case. This can aid you and your legal team in crafting compelling arguments before legal decision-makers presiding over your proceedings. 

As an Arizona CDFA® professional and CPA, I have served as a financial expert witness for many women during their divorce settlements. My goal is to ensure that your arguments are backed by factual financial insights so that you receive an equitable settlement. 

4: You and Your Spouse Want to Put Your Children First

A divorce takes a mental and emotional toll on everyone involved, especially young children. Financial disputes can cause additional stress and conflict which can further affect them. 

When transitioning with their parents to post-divorce life, children need to feel secure that like their financial needs will continue are still continuing to be met. To help ensure that your child remains supported, a CDFA® professional can work with you and your spouse to develop a financial plan that focuses on supporting them, which might include payments like adequate child support and college contributions. 

5: You and Your Partner Want to Pursue a Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative divorce is a scenario in which both spouses wish to work together in an attempt to mutually and amicably dissolve their marriage. In many cases, these parties wish to pursue an alternative to courtroom litigation, such as mediation or arbitration. 

During negotiations, a CDFA® professional can provide expert financial guidance and help develop a financial plan on which both spouses can agree on. This can help ease the burden of settling stressful matters, such as the valuation and division of assets, alimony, and child support. 

Work with an Arizona Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Today 

At Bridge Divorce Strategies, my team and I are committed to providing you and your attorney with a full spectrum of financial advising services for your divorce settlement. From forensic accounting to pre-and post-divorce tax and financial advice, expert witness testimony, and a wealth of other services, we will work with you to get you the settlement that you rightfully deserve. 

To learn more about working with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professional for your Arizona settlement, contact us today.